Greek Cooking Class in an Athens Tavern


Athens Cooking Lesson & Dinner
A delightful hands-on cooking lesson and dinner

Be initiated into the Greek cuisine! Learn valuable cooking secrets, take a wonderful class with plenty of hands-on cooking and enjoy the dinner you prepared with your classmates!


Discover the Local Culture Through Gastronomy!

You will learn how to cook traditional Greek dishes with the aid of an experienced Cook Instructor and the complicity of a small group!

Get to know the wonderful world of Mediterranean cuisine; the herbs, the fresh vegetables, the choice meats that we always use and learn the basics on how to prepare a full Greek Sunday dinner with easy to follow recipes you can use to impress your guests when you get back home!

Menus will vary according to season and available fresh products in local markets, but they usually consist of 3-4 starters-salads and a main course.


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