Live Escape Room Adventure


Did you enter in the room?
Now the goal is to escape.

What exactly is escape rooms?

Escape rooms are specially modified spaces, based on a specific theme/scenario. The decoration is unique and breathtaking. Inside, a group of 2-6 persons is getting locked and they have to find all the clues, solve all the riddles, open hidden doors and operate weird constructions and mechanisms that keep the door locked. The time runs and the team has to escape!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Can you steal the treasure from the Black Pearl?

Your adventures on the strange sea of the Caribbean have brought you upon the Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship. The ship is anchored near a natural and faraway port. You are well aware of the ship’s history and you celebrate after discovering it, because you have heard about the rumors of a great treasure forgotten inside. When you break inside the ship, you are getting trapped in the captain’s cabin. You must find all the clues left inside and escape with the treasure, otherwise you will become one of the sceletons of people who tried to steal the treasure as well and you see all around you! Do you have the will to make it?


The Lost Kingdom

Lost in a mythical kingdom for 60 minutes!

Do you dare to open the door and enter the inner sanctum of a lost kingdom? An atmospheric room that takes you to another era, in a completely different world that will entice you. Do not forget however, things are not as innocent as they seem, the danger is lurking and you and your friends have to escape within one hour otherwise you will stay there forever and you will be forgotten by everyone!



Every roll of the dice can bring a different danger upon you!

You are exploring an abandoned house when you find a beautiful wooden board game. It seems like a game was half-played. You decide to continue this game. Before you even realize, you are trapped inside the fantasy game Jumanji, having to deal with jungle’s most deadly and horrifying animals. Your life is in danger and the only hope is to break free from this world. Hurry up, because you only have 60 minutes to find a safe passage, or you will stay trapped in the Jumanji world forever!


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