Kavala – Philippi



Is the second largest city in northern Greece after Thessaloniki, the principal seaport of eastern Macedonia, across from the island of Thasos, 700Km from Athens.
The city was founded about the 6th century BC, and it was called Neapolis (“new city”) where St Paul disembarked from Troy, making his first step carrying the Gospel to Greece and Europe.
Neapolis was a town of Macedonia, with, 14 km away, the harbour of Philippi.


Was a city founded by Philip II in 356 BC, the King of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great.
The site controlled the route between Amphipolis and Neapolis, part of the great royal route which crosses Macedonia from the east to the west and which was reconstructed later by the Roman Empire as a part of the road Egnatia which connected Rome with Constantinopole (Istanbul).
Philipi is where Lydia , the first European woman was baptized into Christianity by St. Paul.

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