Patmos Shore Excursions

Patmos country side tour with Hora and Grotto of Apocalypse

Duration: 2 hrs

Thanks to its religious value but also for its particularities, in 1999 Patmos was proclaimed a “World Heritage Monument” by UNESCO.
The panoramic excursion begins at the port of Scala heading towards the centre of the island, to Chora. At the main town you will visit the Grotto of the Apocalypse and at the top of the “castle” behind the walls, you will see the Monastery of St. John the Evangelist, of Byzantine architecture.
The silent windmills in Chora have witnessed important events on the island which attracts thousands of tourists for religious, and also recreational, tourism.
The tour of the island continues towards more desolate landscapes, which are the trademark of the Dodecanese. Rocky hills, barren, dry soil, promontories which, like earthly tongues, delve into the sea, dozens of bays and coves, and an intricate coastline. After this enlightening excursion through the island, the tour will conclude at Scala, the port, where the atmospherical café “Arion”, the oldest and most picturesque of the area, will be waiting for you for coffee, refreshments or juice.


Religious visit to St John’s Monastery – Grotto of Apocalypse

Duration: 2 hrs

The picturesque alleyways wind upwards, towards the Monastery of St. John the Evangelist, founded in 1088 by St. Christodoulos. The visit will open the doors for you of the Monastery’s yard, the place where the monks take their meals and the old bakery. Of exquisite beauty is the tour of the Byzantine Church of St. John, which is adorned with a wood-carved icon screen, important frescoes from several periods, with both mosaic and other icons. Next stop, the small museum which hosts religious treasures of inestimable value, like manuscripts, medieval textiles, sacerdotal vestments and others.
Walking down the stairs, the religious energy that you will experience is soul touching. Behind the chapel of St. Anne lies the entrance to the Grotto of the Apocalypse. You will see the cross engraved by St. John the Evangelist, according to tradition, the triple fissure in the wall of the cave, from where St. John heard God dictating to him the Apocalypse. And also the spot where he lay down to sleep.


Traditional Feast in Patmos

Duration: 3 hrs

Join us for an unforgettable feast served in a traditional Patmos taverna. Your friendly hosts are eager to feed you the traditional dishes of their island in one of the loveliest of the island’s classic hillside villages.

We board an air-conditioned bus in Skala for a scenic drive into the hills of Patmos. Patmos comprises three main, mountainous segments linked by two isthmuses at the center of the island. Although its infrastructure rivals that of its Dodecanese neighbors, Patmos still feels off the beaten path, esoteric, thanks to its unstudied natural beauty, its picture-perfect villages, its postcard-quality vistas and its sacred sites. In 2009, Forbes named the island one of the world’s most idyllic places to live: words such as “dreamlike,” “homey” and “virginal” are often used when describing this Aegean haven. We’ll drive through many of the island’s picturesque villages – be sure to look down for stunning views of the Aegean.

The scent of wildflowers greets you as you exit the bus for a short, scenic walk to the taverna, where our feast awaits. You’ll have to decide where to look: at the incredible view toward the Aegean or at the taverna’s tables, which seem to be overflowing with traditional Patmian delicacies. A local orchestra and dance troupe will perform for us while we tuck into this delicious, hearty meal. Welcome to the authentic heart of countryside Patmos. Kali Orexi!

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