Santorini Shore Excursions

Santorini – Spectacular Oia Village perched on the caldera rim

Duration: 3 hours

First you head up to the monastery of Prophet Ilias, for a breath-taking view, deep inhalations of clean, pure, Cycladic air and memorial photos, so as to be the envy of all who didn’t come along. The tour continues its passage towards the north.
To the east, in the background, you will have settlements like Kamari and Monolithos, while you will pass through Fira, the small traditional villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli with delicate architecture and beauties, to eventually arrive at the settlement of Oia. During the entire route, to the west you will have before your eyes the lace-like caldera, the little islands of Thirasia, Palea and Nea Kameni and an unsurpassable panoramic view. In Oia you will have plenty of time to stroll through the marble-paved alleys, to gaze at the adorably cute shops, to take pictures, to become acquainted with the characteristic buildings, carved into the rocks and the unusual captains’ manors, the settlement Ammoudi at the foot of the caldera… After your curiosity has been sated of the area which is characterized as being of “exceptional natural beauty”, your return begins …

Santorini – Off the beaten track – Jeep Safari Adventure

Duration: 3 hours

This alternative excursion combines the wild, more desolate beauty of the south (SW) with the generally more touristic eastern Santorini.
You have your driver’s license, you have the wheel in your hands, of course the camera in the glove-compartment and your tour guide, a useful and informative compass, as your co-driver and… off we go!
You start from Akrotiri, at the south western part of the island. The light-house, next stop, the virgin Vlychada beach then the popular Perissa beach with its black sand, Prophet Ilias, the little village Exo Gonia, which is built amphitheatrically on a slope, the penultimate stop will be the peaceful Monolithos with its hidden beauties and its long beach. This unforgettable excursion comes to a close at Fira.

Santorini – Cruise to Santorin’s islands and volcanoes

Duration: 3 hours

The little islands of Palea and Nea Kameni are of particular geological interest, since underneath them lightly slumbers an active volcano.
From the cruise ship you will be transported easily within a few minutes by small boat to Nea Kameni which resembles a moon landscape! You will walk up to the verge of the crater, the heart of the volcano, a unique geological phenomenon which will overwhelm you with awe. In Nea Kameni nowadays there is gas-steam activity at the top of the crater, while its beaches are embraced by thermal springs.
The next stop of this special excursion, is Palea (or Palia) Kameni with its therapeutical, warm waters. The sea temperature here is 5°C higher than in the rest of the locations and the green-yellow water contains sulphur. After the trip to the volcano, you will have the chance to walk, take keepsake photos, to touch the magic and energy of Fira. Finishing your trip in the main town of Santorini, you will descend by funicular (the ticket is included in the fee of this excursion) to the Old Port to reach the cruise ship by small boat.

Akrotiri Village Excavations

Duration: 3 hours

The people who lived on prehistoric Santorini called the island “Strongyle” (round). In 1650 BC the massive Thira volcano erupted, sinking the center of Strongyle and leaving behind an incredible caldera. You will marvel at its towering cliffs as tender boats convey you to the port at Athinios, where our air conditioned bus waits to take you to Santorini’s most significant archeological site, the village of Akrotiri.

From Athinios we will drive south. We will stop at the ruins of the island’s famous windmill for photos, and to enjoy the incredible panoramic view. We leave the windmill for Akrotiri, where you’ll have a chance to explore this ancient village – its amazing ruins will take you back in time. These advanced people built two- and three-storey homes and grew crops, and you will marvel at the remnants of the houses, shops and workshops that surrounded the village square thousands of years ago. Akrotiri had been a bustling town, but its inhabitants abandoned it before the Thira eruption, a mystery archeologists and historians are still trying to solve. The ash from the volcano buried the city, preserving many of its structures and some of its incredible frescoes. Could Akrotiri be the lost city of Atlantis? We’ll let you decide.

After Akrotiri we’ll drive to Fira, the capital of Santorini and its largest town, where we’ll visit the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, also known as the Church of Ypapantis, famed for its elegant construction and its beautiful frescoes, which were painted by Santorini artist Christoforos Assimis. After our visit to the cathedral, you can linger in Fira to shop and enjoy a coffee or a snack, or you can take the Santorini Cable Car, the teleferik to the port below, an incredible descent of more than 200 meters toward the deep blue waters of the caldera. Our tender boats will be ready, once you disembark from the teleferik, to bring you back to the ship.

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